Hottest 2012 Olympic Male Athletes

As many know the 2012 Olympic Games are being held in London this year. So far the games have been trying exciting and of course there have been some controversial athletes that have done wrong and now have been taken out of competing in the Olympic Games. There are thousands of men and women athletes that participate in the competitions just trying to win the gold medal. Every athlete represents where they are from and who they are. There are roughly around 200 nations that compete in the Olympic Games. Those who watch these games have to admit that they are some very hot athletes. The men are incredibly handsome and have some really hot bodies. I am sure there are several women out there fantasizing about the entire soccer or swim team in their room right now. Here are some of the Hottest 2012 Olympic Male Athletes:

1. Louis Smith:

Is a hot British athlete who has won the bronze medal for Pommel Horse at the Beijing Olympics. This guy is trendy and every time he steps foot out in front of the crowd all the women get weak at the knees over this dude’s swag.

2. Jordan Burroughs:

This sexy black man is on the USA wrestling team and in fact he has won every single wrestling tournament that he has participated in since 2009. He has an amazing figure and his muscles are absolutely perfect.

3. David Boudia:

He has this all American boy next door look, but his slim but fit figure has all the girls going wild. Plus, when he flashes his pearly whites all the girls get weak at the knees.

4. James Magnussen:

He has been getting a lot of attention for his good looks, but the very down to earth Australian swimmer recently told press that it is important for him to remember why he is participating in the Olympic Games and that is only to swim.

5. Oscar Pistorius:

This is one extraordinary man as he is known as the first Olympic runner with prosthetic legs and has a smile that makes your heart simply melt. He is from South Africa and I believe he is single ladies!

Ladies, if you are not into sports at least watch this year’s Olympic Games as there are many other sexy and mouthwatering men showing what they are working with. You definitely will not be disappointed in what you see. Go turn on the television right now!